Digilec Access Control Solutions

Digilec supply, install and commission access control systems from multiple vendors. This enables us to specify the most suitable system for our clients based on their individual requirements and expectations.

Cloud Access

Cloud access control systems for co-working spaces and offices in London and Manchester are a very popular choice 

Cloud access control installation by Digilec provides many advantages over traditional on-premise access control systems, this includes a browser based user interface, automatic database backups, integrations with 3rd party sofwtare such as booking systems, active directories and cctv systems.

The most recognised and popular cloud based access control software is DoorFlow

DoorFlow cloud-based software integrates with user directories, co-working space management systems and sport club systems out of the box.


Digilec are trained DoorFlow installers and have installed the cloud-based system in multiple sites accross the country.

DoorFlow supports hardware from best of breed manufacturers and they're expanding their device support portfolio all of the time.

All of our DoorFlow installation's will include door controllers by Axis Communications either the Axis A1001 or A1601 controller depending on the system requirements. both of these door controller's support OSDP card readers which provides an extra layer of security between the door and the controller by encryption.

DoorFlow cloud-based software also supports wireless locks by Aperiowhich means you can add more access control doors affordably and forget about keys for mechanical locks.

Professional Aperio lock installers, Digilec have installed and commissioned thousands of Aperio locks across multiple sites and also provide support for existing Aperio installations throughout the UK.

Unlock doors with your iPhone or Apple watch

No need for cards or fobs, you can now opt to go fully digital and securely store access passes within Apple wallet